Summer time is great in the Casper area. There are lots of things to do, like hiking, sightseeing, camping, fishing, museums, road trips and baseball.

Yep, even though Wyoming's not one of the top baseball states in the country, we still love America's favorite pastime, baseball.

Casper has been home to a baseball team since 2002, when the Colorado Rockies brought a minor league team to Casper, named the Casper Ghosts, until 2011. The Casper Cutthroats, a collegiate wooden bat team, was here from 2012-2014. There was a 4 year drought until the Casper Horseheads came in 2018.

The Horseheads closed out their time in Casper at the end of 2022, opening the door for the Casper Spuds to come to town. The Spuds played in Caldwell, ID over the last few years, but will now call Casper home.

The Spuds team is made up of collegiate players from all over the country that want to continue playing once their college season is over. The players are housed by host families, since they're college players, that will ease the financial burden of the players and team. With the season will open May 26th, meaning most of the players will be in town for the better part of  2 1/2 months.

The competition for is spread over a 5 state area. The states include Nebraska, North & South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho.

The Spuds are a part of the Independence League, with teams like:

Independence league

The Spuds will play their 33 home games at Mike Lansing Field beginning May 26th, when the 2023 summer league begins. They'll host the Fremont Moo from Fremont, Nebraska.

Tickets for the games are just $8 and you're able to have dinner, cold beer and lots of Casper Spuds fun all summer long.

Spending summer nights under the lights, watching baseball is a great way to give your family a fun, exciting adventure.

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