You're a mom. You take your kids into a backyard with a playset and they start to wrestle. It happens even if you're a bear mom and this video is proof.

According to the YouTube description, this happened in a backyard in South Lake Tahoe, California. I saw this trending on Digg.

Here's the description of what happened by the family:

Bear cubs, no more than a month old traveling with their mother ended up in a yard and found themselves having a blast with the children's play equipment. The newborn cubs are just like human children. They're playful, curious, and full of energy.

Several takeaways from this special bear family moment. First, the bear mom acts like this isn't the first time the bear cubs have wrestled. I'm assuming that means it's happened before. Second, one cub broke the swing and I don't see that mom being concerned about it being other people's property. Irresponsible. Kidding, of course.

The commentary on the video makes it even more special. When you're good at bear-in-the-backyard play-by-play, you have skills.

In the end, bears will be bears and they just kind of do what they want.

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