The next time you need to mail something, you can include a brand new stamp that features the Grand Tetons and it's epic...for a stamp.

The US Postal Service just issued a new series called "Wild and Scenic Rivers". All of the stamps they've included are really sweet, but the one that got my attention was the stamp featuring a picture of Snake River/Grand Tetons by Tim Palmer. It's hard to beat the iconic Tetons when you're taking a pic in Wyoming.

Here's what the full sheet looks like:


My dad worked for the USPS for more than a quarter of his life. He would buy me stamp collections all the time and I really never fully appreciated what he was trying to do for me. I look back now and wish I had kept more of them and this Wild and Scenic Rivers sheet would have been one of my favorites.

I'm not sure if these are immediately available at our local Casper area post offices, but guessing they would be. Worst case scenario is you can buy a sheet of 12 online for $6.60.

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