New Year's resolutions are a time honored tradition of self improvement.  But does the added - where you live - help or hurt your chances of success? just released its survey of the best places to actually stick to your resolution based on each community's metrics to figure out which give you the best chance for success.

Some people rate resolution failure at well above 50%, some as high as 95%.  But we toss our resolutions to the wayside, it could be do largely on where we live.

Wallethub studied 5 key community based resolutions in their study - Health Resolutions, Financial Resolutions, School and Work Resolutions, Bad Habit Resolutions and finally, Relationship Resolutions.  They took into considerations the number of obese adults, number of adults not exercising, number of health food stores, even fitness club fees, 52 metrics in all.

Cheyenne ranked 120th out of 182 cities with a 30th ranking in Financial Resolutions and a 46th ranking on School & Work Resolutions.  Casper also made the list but ranked lower on the list at 160th out of 182 cities, but edged out Cheyenne with a 29th ranking in Financial Resolutions.

The overall Top 10 Cities in the US that give you the best chance of actually keeping those resolutions are:

1 - Seattle, WA

2 - San Francisco, CA

3 - San Diego, CA

4 - Scottsdale, AZ

5 - Salt Lake City, UT

6 - San Jose, CA

7 - Orlando, FL

8 - Irvine, CA

9 - Austin, TX

10 - Portland, OR

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