Christmas is now over, but there is still one more major holiday left this year, New Year's Eve.

Many people like to use the end of the old year to say goodbye to old habits, and pick new things to focus on for the New Year.

New Year's resolutions are actually an ancient practice. According to this article from the practice is actually over 4,000 years old and began with the Babylonians. They made promises to their gods in the hopes that it would ensure a positive future. The practice has changed over the centuries to us making promises to ourselves rather than trying to appease angry gods.

As I was pondering my own resolutions for 2020, I came across this article that shows what the most popular New Year's Resolution is in each state.

Apparently in 2019 Wyomingites picked "to learn a new skill". We were the only state to have this as our most popular New Year's resolution.

Frankly, it makes me a little proud.

After all, learning a new skill is much more exciting than "exercise to get in shape" or "diet to lose weight" (the two most popular resolutions across the United States), though it's probably not as practical as "save money."

I have a feeling that our unique resolution is part of the reason why Wyomingites are known for keeping their New Year's resolutions longer than more than half of the United States.

I thought it would be fun to see what 2020 is looking like for Wyoming, so take a moment to let us know what your New Year's resolution will be.


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