Most who live here love Wyoming, and while every state has their pet peeves, what are your bothersome traits of The Cowboy State?

I would bet the Wyoming winds would top the list. For my wife, a beautiful day can be overshadowed by winds that can whip your hair into a major frenzy! I shave my head and don’t really care.

Another common gripe is outsiders or new immigrants who say “This isn’t the way we do it where I come from.” We don’t care and you’re free to go back there if you like.

One thing my wife and I agree on are those pickup trucks with a huge exhaust pipe in the truck bed, and they step on the gas (diesel actually) they spew a huge cloud of smoke in an act of “rolling coal.” Luckily, it’s been a while since I’ve seen that.

While there are a number of driving irritations including driving slow in the fast lane and not checking thoroughly before changing lanes, one that bothers me greatly is texting from behind the wheel.

A pet peeve that doesn’t bother me, but I hear about are the flashing yellow turn signals at intersections. A neighbor thinks green or red would suffice. If red, stop. If green, proceed with caution. Why a flashing yellow?

Teton County pet peeves include “careless skiers and snowboarders who prompt costly and hazardous rescue efforts by heading into remote areas despite dangerous avalanche conditions.”

Some feel that it takes our government forever to get things passed, and some are under the impression that there’s “a good ‘ole boy network.” A case could be made for Cheyenne blowing off Best Buy and Budweiser who ended up south of the border and into Colorado where the business climate is warmer.

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