Remember that interview Billy Ray Cyrus did with GQ awhile back — the one where he essentially accused Disney, and the fame the studio brought his daughter Miley, of destroying his family?

Well, Billy remembers it too. And now he wishes he could take it all back.

“I realize that I gave a big mistake even giving that interview,” Cyrus said during a recent appearance on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight,’ adding that “It was the darkest time of my life … I mean, it was dark and turbulent. That would have been a real good time for me to go sit by the fire alone.”

At the time, Cyrus was estranged from Miley and in the midst of preparing for a divorce from his wife Trish, so it’s easy to understand that he probably wasn’t in the best frame of mind. As he went on to explain to Morgan, “I felt like, and still feel like, my family was the definition of my life. That was the most important thing and what Billy Ray Cyrus was all about. I’ve seen it coming unraveled. And again, probably even more so makes sense why it wasn’t a really good time to give that interview, especially sitting at my kitchen table, in my home, alone.”

But all’s well that ends well: Billy Ray and Trish have patched things up, and his new album, ‘I’m American,’ broke the top 30 in Billboard’s country chart.

[Taste of Country]