Birds and Bucks annual turkey collection for Wyoming Food for Thought comes at what might be the greatest food need we've ever encountered in Casper. Jamie Purcell updated us on the need and how you can make a difference.

We visited with Jamie on the radio to talk about Birds and Bucks happening at Ridley's in Casper on Saturday, November 21. Jamie told us that they've already had thousands reach out and express a need for help.

Jamie Purcell - "Yeah...we're already to over a thousand people who are reaching out to us to get those birds so that equates to about 250 families so far...but honestly there's a lot more than that that I know are coming down the pike. We don't ever want to say no and because our community is so very giving, we know we're always gonna be able to help those folks."

Jamie shared that even a tiny donation can result in a big difference for someone in need.

Jamie Purcell - "We're really just asking anyone who can give...even a dollar...whatever you can give...if you have an extra turkey that somebody gave you...if you have a bird in your freezer, please bring it to us to Ridley's for Birds and Bucks."

The donation Saturday at Ridley's is made to be safe for everyone as you can make a contactless donation. You just put your bird and/or groceries straight into the van provided by Greiner Ford powered by Lithia. Ridley's will also have a special display with food items you can buy to donate.

Birds and Bucks happens at Ridley's from 7 am until 7 pm Saturday, November 21, but you can donate online right now.

Wyoming Food for Thought Project can turn your monetary donation into more food to help all of our area families in need. There's no more crucial time than right now to help.

Wyoming Food for Thought Project
Wyoming Food for Thought Project
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