Call it the circle of life or just Yellowstone being Yellowstone, but there's a recent video showing how one step of misfortune for a bison became a huge benefit for several bears and eagles, too.

Professional photographer Judy Lehmberg captured this video last month in Yellowstone. It shows the remains of two bison who had fallen into the Yellowstone River and drowned. Three different grizzlies who had just awoken from hibernation found what was left and had a big snack.

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As Judy's video shows, there was one grizzly boar who had an ear tag, one that didn't and also an immature grizzly that made their way to the river for a feast. They weren't alone.

Once the grizzlies had their fill, bald eagles swooped in to take over. Three different symbols of America then battled it out for carcass supremacy. (NOTE: this graphic isn't super graphic, but it might be disturbing for anyone that doesn't like to see bison when they aren't alive)

Yellowstone Park shares some interesting facts about grizzlies in the park and what hibernation really means. The mention that it's normally a 5 month denning process that starts in late November. But, it doesn't mean that they're always sleeping. While they don't eat or urinate, it doesn't mean you won't see them roaming around every now and then.

Sites like this right after hibernation where one animal's misfortune benefits many others who are trying to survive aren't something we get to witness every day. Thanks to Judy's short but sweet video, now you can.

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