He could have just driven on by. Instead, he decided to stop and attempt to free a baby moose caught in a barbed wire fence.

According to the description, this heroic act happened just a few days ago in Colorado. The good Samaritan had this to say about what happened:

On my way to the family cabin I passed what looked like a dead elk in the fence, as I passed, I noticed him look up. I quickly threw the truck in reverse and jumped out to help. I'm pretty sure the baby moose is going to be okay.

This guy put himself in harms way from several angles. First, if you've ever tried to grab barbed wire and pull it away from anything, you know it can rip your flesh a multitude of ways.

Near the end of the video, you can see the moose mother watching the guy closely. It doesn't take much for an adult moose to take a dislike to you.

It appears the baby moose is going to be OK thanks to a guy who could have gone his own way. But, he didn't and for that I say well done, sir.

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