You're can be your life in your hands if you get between two wild animals who are involved in a struggle. That's why I can call two farmers who helped separate two bucks whose antlers were stuck as heroes.

Watch what happened when these two mammoth bucks ended up with their antlers stuck after getting tangled in a barbed wire fence as shared by Made Man on Facebook.

This video plays out like an intense graphic novel. These two farmers have so many factors to overcome. First, you have two quite angry bucks who are locked in mortal battle and probably not happy to have human intervention. Second, you have barbed wire which can shred your arms/legs on a good day.

Through teamwork, they first manage to cut the barbed wire which frees one of the bucks. This leaves one buck still in distress, but one of the farmers is able to grab his antlers and stable him while the other farmer gets the remaining wire removed.

I can't imagine a scenario where these bucks are able to get out of this situation on their own. These farmers risked their well-being by intervening and both bucks escaped into the woods safely because of their bravery.

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