The Geminid Meteor Shower will be hitting Wyoming skies on December 13th in the evening and lasting through the morning hours of December 14th.

It's named the Geminid Meteor Shower after the Gemini Constellation because the constellation is the center point for this meteor shower.

This particular Meteor Shower is one of the most active of the entire year, and it's a great one to watch with the whole family.

The meteors should start making an appearance at around 9:00 pm which is why this one is perfect for the whole family...many meteor showers don't peak until 2 am or later, which makes them hard for young children to enjoy.

You can expect to see meteors pretty regularly, every one to two minutes.

The fuller moon may make it a bit harder to see, but it still should be a breathtaking view!

If you want to try and take pictures, here's a video that I found on YouTube showing how you can take pictures of stars with your Smart Phone.

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