The Superbowl is Sunday and I am an unashamed Bronco fan for many many years. Yes I have lived through the wins and the losses. Superbowl XII and the loss to the Dallas Cowboys was the first taste of defeat followed by the humiliation of the losses in Superbowl XXII and XXVI.

Nothing felt better than the wins of Superbowls XXXII and XXXIII as John Elway and his team made it back to back wins to end his career and nothing felt worse than the loss to the Seahawks in Superbowl XLVIII in Peyton Manning's first trip as a Bronco.

Over the years I have gathered a number of pieces of memorabilia that range from t shirts and hats to water coolers and original drawings but one of my favorite pieces was one received at Christmas 1977. My brother was a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, I of course the Broncos. With a meeting coming in Superbowl XII, we each were gifted a trash can adorned with the colors and logos of our respective teams and although the Broncos ultimately lost the game, my allegiance was set and the trashcan follows me today.

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