I don't like to rant. If this comes across like a rant, I'm sorry. But, buying a home in Casper is hard.

I understand that buying a home can be complicated no matter where you live. There's an extensive qualifying process for credit which is the opposite of fun, but that's not unique to Casper or Wyoming.

My family wanted to buy a house before we moved here to limit the number of times we see a U-Haul truck. Eventually, we decided to rent so we could look at homes in person before jumping into a property blind. By the way, good luck finding a decent rental that is one ground floor unit. I have young children and we ended up in a townhouse with a zillion stairs. Not fun.

Here's what I find challenging about buying a home in Casper:

  • There seems to be a severe lack of 3 and 4 bedroom homes that are less than $120,000 that don't require some major fixer upper skills
  • Don't think about being close to Casper Mountain unless you're a Kardashian
  • Homes that list between $100,000 and $150,000 seem to sell as soon as they're listed
  • When oil prices go up, so do the price of homes

On the positive side, real estate people in Casper seem to be very friendly. My family has had contact with several agents and they've all been very helpful and courteous.

My family loves Casper. We plan to raise our kids here and preferably never leave. But, finding a place to plant roots has been harder than we expected. It's times like these that I would love to be a Property Brother. Jonathan and Drew, can you help?

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