Technology usually will make life easier and make normal tasks easier. It was only time before technology put it's mark on keeping us warm.

As we brave the Wyoming winter cold, snow and outdoors, we constantly look for items to give us an advantage keeping warm. If you're one that can't seem to stay warm, there may be an option for you.

My mother has used an electric blanket for years to help keep her warm while she sleeps in the winter time.

Companies have taken the electric blanket technology and advanced it with a line of heated hats, socks, vests, coats, pants and gloves. The clothing is all powered by a rechargeable battery that is good for up to 12 hours on certain items.

The battery isn't like a AAA or AA it's the power pack that you would use as a charging device for your phone or computer. Yep, technology to the rescue.

Battery pack

A couple years ago, I bought my dad one of the heated vests. He put is under his hunting camo and went out hunting. The vest kept him warm for the entire hunt. When I was younger, he had socks that were heated by a 9volt battery and always a worry.

If you're one that really likes to be warm, you can have multiple power packs on hand to give you that constant warm feeling.

The company I found that has all the different pieces of clothing is Weston. You can find the items on Amazon too.

The Wyoming winter is brutal and really just starting, so this may be your new key for staying warm.

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