It's too cold. It's too WINDY! Why won't it rain? Why won't it stop raining? PLEASE STOP SNOWING! It's too dry we need more rain and snow.

Over the weekend the wind changed direction and brought warm dry air up from the desert southwest into Wyoming. Now everything is hot and dry and people are complaining that they wish it would be all of the other seasons they complained about throughout the year.

Moving to a different part of the country is an option. But every other part of the nation has its own problems.

How would you like to DIE?

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Hurricanes? Tornadoes? Floods? Fires?

At least this heat we are suffering through here in Wyoming is dry heat. Try moving down south. The heat along with the humidity will slap you to the ground.

Thank heavens humans invented air conditioning, to condition the air in the house to the temperature we want it to be, year-round.

If we have any complaints it should be about those people who want to trade our reliable forms of energy a landscape full of wind turbines and solar panels that don't always provide us the energy we need to run the AC.

SO SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! It's not just Wyoming. No matter where you move to on the planet the weather is almost never just right.

We must have gone soft. It was not long ago when AC had not been invented yet and buildings were drafty. How the heck did they do it back then? I'm sure they did not complain as much as we do today.

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