It's a generally understood rule that you should never name an animal you plan to eat.

But is that really how it works here in Wyoming?

I often post pictures of our animals on my social media feeds, from pics of Poncho the Christmas Mule to our chickens, pigs, and calves I love to share my Wyoming lifestyle with my family and friends. Coming from Milwaukee I get lot's of "oohs" and "ahhhs" and "how cute" comments from my city friends.

Inevitably someone asks "Are they pets or.....?"

My blunt response is that yes, these cute piglets and calves (see pic below of Roger and Gary) will eventually be for eating purposes. Obviously, the puppy, kittens, miniature mule, and horses are not for consumption.

Cathy Holman, Townsquare Media
Cathy Holman, Townsquare Media

Every single time, someone responds with "You better not name them!"


You try keeping five kids from naming anything, much less animals that they are carrying for multiple times a day!

Our kids are well versed in what I call the "Wyoming Circle of Life" which involves three simple steps.

  1. Care for your animals by providing adequate shelter and food
  2. Butcher your animals
  3. Eat them

At this point, it hasn't been an issue for us to eat "Bacon" the pig or "Colonel Sanders" the Rooster...

But I'm wondering is this how most of you feel?

Let me know!

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