Could Carrie Underwood be a performer at the American Music Awards on Nov. 18? The singer has hinted that it’s possible.

“You never know. I could make an appearance on the stage in a singing capacity,” Underwood coyly tells AXSTV during a video interview. “But whatever, I’m glad to be there and be a representative of country music and to help out with it.”

The ‘Good Girl’ himaker is nominated for Favorite Album (Country) and Favorite Female Artist (Country) at this year’s awards show. But first, she’s scheduled to co-host the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley for the fifth consecutive year on Nov. 1. Underwood will perform there as well, and she is nominated in the Female Vocalist of the Year category.

“That day is pretty crazy,” says Underwood of her jam-packed schedule. “To be honest, the nominations and the performance aren’t even… not top on my list because there is just so much to do There are script meetings, and in the morning we got to go, we got to rehearse, we got to do a dress run-through, we got to rehearse it so many times. By the time we actually do it, it feels like old hat. But yeah, it’s a crazy day, a lot of stuff going on.”

She also talked about the perks of traveling while on her current her Blown Away Tour and one of the biggest ways her life has changed since winning ‘American Idol’ — namely, grocery shopping. “Now I can actually buy food that I want [to eat] instead of Ramen noodles,” Underwood says laughing. “It’s a lot the same, especially when we are on the road. I feel like people don’t expect to see me at their local Whole Foods, so I can pretty much get in and get out, I noticed. The biggest change is I can actually buy fresh food,” she laughs, adding, “not everything is canned. I can buy real vegetables.”

Watch Carrie Underwood Hint at an American Music Awards Appearance

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