There are a ton of Halloween parties around Casper this weekend and if you're going to one, you'll need a costume.  (Because nobody wants to be - "That Guy" - if you know what I mean.)

If you don't have a costume yet, here is my list of five last-minute topical costumes you can throw together with one quick trip to the store. You're welcome.

#1.) HONEY BOO BOO - Get a bright pink tutu, a curly blonde wig, and a lot of makeup. You can even skip the tutu part and just grab a quick outfit at Wal-mart.

#2.) PSY - Even if you don't have a bright-colored suit you can pull this off. Just wear ANY suit, a black bowtie, and sunglasses. And get ready to do the "Gangnam Style" dance with the 500 other people dressed as Psy.

#3.) CLINT EASTWOOD - Wear a suit, hike up your pants, spray your hair gray, and carry a chair around. Plus that way you'll have a seat at all times.

#4.) "MAGIC MIKE" - If you can pull it off . . . do it. If some of your friends can pull it off and you can't, go as a stripper who hasn't stripped yet.

and finally,

#5.) FELIX BAUMGARTNER - Grab a white jumpsuit, a helmet and gallons of red bull.  Optional are a parachute and a massive helium balloon (but if you pull this off you'll be a Halloween champion). At any point during any story you've got the perfect one-up comment, “Yeah, well I free-fell from space and broke the sound barrier.” Top that!


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