There were a lot of bubbles flowing at the Casper's airport Tuesday. Well, foam, to be precise. It was a test of the new high expansion foam system used for fast fuel vapor suppression, according to Natrona County Fire Marshall Brian Oliver. The four large foam generators are supplied by two large pumps and an 8" water main, and are separate from the building sprinklers. It's specifically designed for aircraft or jet fuel fires, or spills inside the hanger.

According to the Ansul, the manufacturer, foam systems "offer a fire extinguishing procedure that overwhelms the fire with the sheer volume of foam. The foam blanket that is produced transports water to the fire, suffocates and cools the fire, suppresses escaping vapors and encapsulates the toxic vapors and particulate."

Oliver says what we see in the video is 60 gallons of foam with about 2,000 gallons of water. The system has a 400 gallon capacity and is the largest, most advanced system in Natrona County.

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