The warm weather recently has the ice coming off area reservoirs rapidly and many anglers are already feeling the itch to get out and put a line in the water.

Local ponds are still hit and miss with ice, but larger reservoirs like Glendo and Alcova have large stretches of open water already.

If the weather holds on, we could have open boat ramps on local reservoirs in a few days time.

Normally fishing in February is confined to either those brave enough to get out on the ice for fishing or standing in open stretches of freezing water on the North Platte river.

But, those fishermen brave enough for winter time fishing can find some big fish through the ice or in the open water of the river.

Winter and early spring fishing usually brings a slower bite as the fish are lethargic from the cold temps.  So if you are headed out this weekend with temps rising into the 50's and 60's, be patient in your presentations.

For the avid angler, one bite can put you in the record books this time of year as large trout and other game fish are hungry and looking for opportunities to feed.

Warmer temperatures are on the way and as the water warms up, so will the bite!  Good Luck!