Casper photographer Ken Stoecklin of Beartooth Photography is raising more than few eyebrows while photographing local faces for an upcoming project.

Ken Stoecklin is putting together a portfolio of pictures to be submitted to the Wyoming Arts Council for consideration, but not just any pictures. After months of thought and inspiration gleaned from the photography of  celebrity photographer Joel Grimes, Ken decided on a project he named "Faces-Project Edge".

After a number of attempts at getting the lighting just right and having to manufacture a couple of custom light filters, Ken is finally ready.  Ken is now looking for more people willing to sit for a personal portrait.

The sitting is free of charge and takes less than 5 minutes. Ken hoping to be able to run a contest on the photos taken and awarding the top voted pictures some nice prizes and with enough involvement, a coffee table book of the portraits is a possibility too.

Appointments are being taken to get your pic taken at his studio - Beartooth Photography - located in the Sunrise Shopping Center.

Call his office at 307-262-7031 to make an appointment. For more images and more on Ken's photography see more HERE.

Here are a few samples of the look that Ken is going for.

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