Some incredibly talented people call Casper home. Painters, sculptures, musicians, singers, and authors have put Wyoming on the map for being a talented city.

One of those authors is Carol Chapman. She's a Casper native with quite an exciting life and a knack for telling stories. She's a writer, former school teacher, financial manager for a trucking company, and her husband's caregiver.

Her first book is Finding the Good: A Journey through Love, Loss, and Living. The book is a memoir about her journey of learning to take care of her husband when he was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor. Not everyone is equipped with the knowledge of how to give the proper care needed to those who are battling health issues. So, Carol shares what she learned during her caregiver struggles.

In every dark time, there is a bright light that shines, and in the case of Carol and her husband's battle, the bright light was Carol finding the strength she gained from an unlikely source.

Carol's book will be celebrated on May 7th from 4 to 6 p.m. at 109 E. 2nd Street in Downtown Casper.

Carol will be on hand to share some of her stories firsthand and offer a chance to meet her and get a signed copy of the book. You can also learn more about Carol and her books on her blog and website,

Don't forget to get out and support Casper's talented pool of writers. Without local support, getting the word out is impossible.

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