Local author Casey Rislov has written five children's books, and while several of them are award-winning, her latest publication "Rowdy Randy" has won the most awards.

This week Rislov announced that "Rowdy Randy" just received its sixth award.

"Rowdy Randy" is the story of a stong and sassy fly.

Rowdy Randy is the toughest cowgirl around. Never mind that this broncobuster is a horsefly. She acts taller than any tall tale. She might be easy to overlook, but Rowdy Randydefinitely can't be ignored. She spends her days buzzing and biting all the creatures in her path, all the while stirring up a whole heap of trouble.

Part of what makes this book so fun for kids is the beautiful illustrations done by famous Wyoming artist Zachary Pullen.

Rowdy Randy Picture Book via YouTube
Rowdy Randy Picture Book via YouTube

"Rowdy Randy" was a finalist for the Spur Award in the Best Western Storyteller category.

During this time when many kids are at home with a limited number of books, Rislov is creating videos on her Facebook page of her reading her children's books.

It's just another example of how we are all pulling together to make the world a little brighter.

Maybe all of this extra time at home will mean we can see another new book from Rislov soon ;)

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