Every ten years, the U.S. Government does a census to count the number of citizens that reside in each state, county, and city. It gives us ideas about the shape of our nation. What about a local version that looks just at Casper? Have you ever wanted to know if Casper has more churches or bars? In Natrona County, are the majority of the roads paved or dirt? We dug into the numbers, and this is what we found.

According to Natrona County, there are:

  • 24 bridges in the county.
  • 775 Miles of roadway
  • 142 miles of paved roads
  • 633 miles of dirt roads

On Yelp.com, there are

  • 32 Bars in Casper (this also include restaurants that serve alcohol)
  • 145 Restaurant listed in Casper
  • 12 Chinese Restaurants
  • 29 Mexican Restaurants (this included any restaurant that served tacos)
  • 66 American Cuisine
  • 29 Restaurants that deliver (locals find this hard to believe)

On YP.com, we found:

  • 107 Churches and Places of Worship (this also included Evansville and Mills)
  • 16 Liquor Stores
  • 47 Gas Stations
  • 7 Dog Trainers


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