The Casper College Renewable Energy Technology Program has received a substantial equipment donation from Chevron Global Power Company: a Winergy gearbox from one of the company’s turbines located near Casper.

Lesley Travers, dean for the Casper College School of Business and Industry said,

“This gearbox will provide Casper College students an opportunity to learn about maintenance technology on a life-size gearbox. They will also learn about bore scoping, gearbox inspection, troubleshooting, torque specifications, and oils and greases,”

The gearbox, which weighs nearly 65,000 pounds, came from a 1.5 megawatt GE wind turbine.

Chevron’s Policy, Government and Public Affairs Senior Advisor Denise Reed said,

“This particular piece of equipment is generally located over 200 feet high in the nacelle of a turbine, so students without proper climb training do not generally have the opportunity to see close up or train on this critical piece of the turbines,”

Chevron has partnered with Casper College since 2009 with a variety of monetary contributions to the program, most recently a donation of $5,000 to support the college’s renewable energy technology program. In addition, Chevron also provides tours, guest speakers, and training equipment to the program.