At approximately 7:15 P.M. on Feb. 22, the Natrona County Fire District was called for a structure fire around Zero Road and 7 Mile Road.

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The reporting party stated that there was a large shop that had caught fire, with fire units from NCFD responding to the scene after the initial dispatch, along with units from the Mills Fire Department and the Bar Nunn Fire Department also responded.

At the scene, there was heavy smoke and fire coming from the garage doors as well as the roof of the shop

An occupant was in the shop at the start of the fire and said they were thrown due to a small explosion that occurred from inside the shop and were able to escape from the shop with only received minor injures.

Matt Gacke, NCFD Inspector, and Wil Gay, Mills Assistant Fire Chief, are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

Gacke said that the total property damage probably equaled over $500,000, with there being around five vintage vehicles inside the shop at the time of the fire, along with four vehicles outside, that was completely lost.

Units fought throughout the night and were on the scene until about 10:30 A.M, with two fire engines needing to leave the scene due to their engines freezing.

Because of the sub-zero temperatures, several fire hoses were also frozen solid after the water stopped moving through them.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time with an investigation still ongoing, but Gacke said they are just waiting on a few pieces before they will be sure of the cause.

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