While gas prices have been coming down slightly in the last week, a four-month surge on the price of a gallon of gas have the national average standing at almost four dollars a gallon.

Here in Casper, the average price across town for a gallon of regular gas, is at $3.49. For now!

Forecasters believe that the price of gas will remain high through the summer months.  This could mean bad news for the tourism industry and includes much of Wyoming.

With speculators driving the price of oil higher, Casper could see prices continue to rise as we head toward Memorial Day Weekend and the beginning of summer.

The cost of gas is already near and above record levels and  many folks are having to cutting back or change their spending habits,  in order to handle the increases at the pumps.

According to a Harris Interactive survey, 75% of respondents are dining out less, 73% are driving less and 65% have cut back on entertainment.

We want to know, if gas prices stay high through the summer (as predicted), will you be cutting back on your spending?