After getting a text from my mother in Sedalia, Missouri this morning concerning comments I made about Thanksgiving flavored candy corn and having not one, but two different coworkers openly admitting that they actually like regular candy corn, I just had to know if people still eat the stuff.

I have never in my entire life liked candy corn. Even as young child, I thought the entire idea of it was gross. My mother, on the other hand, is old school, so her admitting she liked the candy didn't really surprise me. My two co-workers threw me for a loop though. One is slightly older than me and male, the other, slightly younger and female.

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Almost every year, candy corn is ranked at the bottom of the barrel for America's favorite candy and almost always lands as the least favorite for the Cowboy State. So how is it that these little buggers are still being mass produced?

I have a theory that more people actually like them than poll numbers suggest. With Halloween around the corner, I just have to know.

So the question is:

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