Breakfast burritos are easy and quick to make and are filled with enough greatness to keep you full for quite some time. I'd say 5/7 days of the week I have some sort of breakfast burrito. More often than not, I'm going as easy an quick as I can so I can get out the door faster.

Tia Sophia's in Santa Fe, New Mexico claims to be the first restaurant to have a breakfast burrito on an actual menu, in 1975. The 1980's is when fast food giant McDonald's caught on to the style and in the 90's the other fast food chains jumped on board.

In the Casper area there are many (non fast food) restaurants that offer breakfast burritos. Honestly, I was really surprised at the number of places with this menu item. I counted 14 sit down/local restaurants that offered the breakfast treat. It really sounds like a I need to go on a mission to find the BEST breakfast burrito, but for now, I went looking for the top 10 ingredients that Casper natives enjoy in their breakfast burritos.

Side note, rolling the perfect burrito has been my downfall. I never seem to be able to get it just right to keep the good stuff inside. I turned to YouTube and found about 900 ways to roll a burrito and it seems my problem is that I don't get big enough tortilla shells. Maybe I'm just trying to the filling of 3 burritos inside one...I don't know, but I'll keep eating them so I can get it figured out. That's "taking one for the team", right? If you're like me and have issues rolling the proper burrito, I have one of those burrito rolling videos for you after the 10 favorite ingredients.

Top Breakfast Burrito Ingredients

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