Born and raised in Casper, Taylor Vignaroli recently became a part of the Wyoming Business Council.

It was here in Natrona County that he fell in love with cross country skiing. He said, "I've tried to remain, at least in some capacity, involved in that world."

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He helps coach cross country as well as mountain biking in Laramie. His other outdoor pursuits include climbing, hiking, backcountry skiing, hunting and fishing.

Vignaroli received his Associates degree from Casper Community College and went on to earn a Bachelor's at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

While there he began working with a small tech company in sustainable agriculture where he "wore many hats," according to Vignaroli.

K2Radio News asked him what his vision for Wyoming business is, and he said, "Diversification. If I had to put it into one word."

He said there's lots of business opportunities. Wyoming currently has some main industries, "and while we are firmly rooted in that history and we want to continue growing those businesses and the economy there, we want to expand into new areas of opportunity."

Vignaroli would like to see business opportunities like tourism, agriculture and natural resources expand.

"The future of business here in Wyoming is that, as it pertains to my role, all new businesses or those that have ideas to start a new business have access and opportunity to be able to succeed and accel here in the state of Wyoming.

K2Radio News wrapped up the interview by asking Vignaroli about his interest in coffee.

He said, "I like to find the extraordinary in the mundane, and I feel like coffee is mundane at the surface level, but as soon as you dive into it, you learn how insane and crazy it is, and especially being from Wyoming, our supply chain is a lot longer than others, but for coffee, it pretty much always travels long distances."

Vignaroli said he's loved learning about extraction theory, the supply chain, even how to execute the most flavorful and delicious cup of Joe.

"By roasting it yourself you can actually control a little bit better the ethical sides of that industry, and you are sourcing it as an individual consumer, so that's been kind of cool to see how your dollars can contribute to a better, more sustainable, more conscious supply chain, because ultimately every time you spend a dollar it's a little vote, so if you can control a little bit with those dollars and those votes--the end result of those dollars in the communities that they impact--I'm definitely all about that."

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