With our record breaking snow that's fallen, and continues to fall, it's not safe to be on the roads. So much so, Casper PD has called a snow day.

What does that actually mean?


The driving conditions are not safe, the snow and wind are causing white out conditions and first responders aren't able to respond as quickly as they normally would.

The PD has called for no unnecessary travel in the city of Casper.

Not only does this keep you out of danger, but it keeps them out of danger too.

It's not like they aren't responding to calls, but if it's hard for you to drive around, it's just as hard for them. They're only responding to priority 911 calls, at this time.

Road crews have been working tirelessly to try to keep in front of the snow, but with as much that's falling, it's not possible.

According to the Casper PD's Facebook page, if you are out and have an accident, here are the steps.

IF there are injuries, call 911

IF your vehicle isn't able to be moved, call 911

IF you are stranded or stuck, call a tow company

IF you're not injured and the vehicle can be moved, move them from the roadway as quickly as possible.

1) Exchange information with all involved

2) At a later time, call Community Service Officer Mon-Fri 7am-5pm to make an official report. 235-8469

Take as many pictures as possible.

It's a tough time for everyone, please be patient and safe. If you don't need to go out, please don't.

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