The Casper Police Department have released another 'helpful hints' post on their Facebook page. This edition from the Traffic Unit lays out several real life scenarios to educate and entertain you.

The post reads:

Officers frequently contact folks after they have had a bit of a lapse and committed a minor violation of law. This is particularly true of the traffic officer. For the most part the citizens with whom we have contact under these circumstances are polite and aside from asking applicable questions continue about their day after business at the roadside has concluded. There are times however in which folks attempt to educate the officer as to the personal emergency which led to their infraction with the hope the officer will, out of the goodness of their heart, sympathize with their plight and send them on their way (minus the ticket of course). Taking it one step further, many of these folks imply the officer has inflicted a significant personal injury on them by delaying their travel vis a vis being stopped in the first place. Therefore, as a public service, we will present several real life scenarios and their associated costs both monetarily and in terms of perceived personal impact.


Situation #1) I'm late to pick up my child from school:

Personal Cost: Daughter will stomp her feet and slam her bedroom door because she didn't get home in time to watch her favorite cartoon.

Financial Cost: $130 Speeding Ticket and Increased Insurance Rate.


Situation #2) I was trying to find an address on my cell phone:

Personal Cost: Couldn't get a reservation at your favorite rib joint.

Financial Cost: $230 running a red light ticket, $10,000 repair bill for the crash you were just in, increased insurance rates, and $25,000 for the divorce lawyer because you just wrecked your wife's new sports car.


Situation #3) I'm from out of state and I need to get to an address here in town before noon.

Personal Cost: You'll be late.

Financial Cost: $200.00 speeding ticket, $100.00 tow bill on the car you borrowed to come to Casper, and $100,000 in bond you now have to pay to get out of jail after being arrested for the felony amound of marijuana you had in the back seat of the car you were driving when the nice officer contacted you.


Situation #4) It's my 40th wedding anniversary and my wife and I are late for dinner and we have reservations for the hotel bridal suite. We haven't had a date like this for years because of the grand children and I can't be late.

Personal Cost: To great to mention.

Financial Cost: We let him off with a warning and wished him a happy anniversary. After all-cops are human too!


Doesn't it make more sense to leave early, watch the traffic signals, and obey the law?

- Sgt. Scott Jones
Traffic Unit
Casper Police Department

Although humorous, there is some good info in here for Casper drivers. Obey traffic laws and stay safe.


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