We knew that snow was headed our way.

But, central Wyoming wasn't sure exactly how much was REALLY going to hit.

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We had estimates from 3 -12 inches over the course of two days.

The first morning of the storm (Tuesday, October 12) we woke up to a few inches and slushy roads, but nothing too extreme.

Wednesday morning was another story.

Central Wyoming received anywhere from 8-16 inches with the heavier amounts hitting Casper Mountain and Converse County.

I-25 and many of the two-lane highways in the area were closed around 10 pm Tuesday night with high winds in the Douglas area causing visibility and drifting issues.

The Casper plows were working hard during the early morning hours and Natrona County School Districts decided to stay open despite the wintery weather.

And per usual, Casperites had a lot to say on the topic.

Should Natrona County Schools Have Closed For A Fall Snowstorm?

Oct 13 brought anywhere from 10-18 inches of snow to central Wyoming. Converse County District 2 closed, and Converse County School District 1 went virtual, so did Midwest. Natrona County School District stayed open...and Casperites had lots of opinions about it.

It seemed that overall there were more Casperites that were okay with keeping schools open, but the ones that were against it did have some valid points about virtual schooling.

You can see all of the comments here.

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