At least one Casper driver learned it doesn't matter which officer pulls you over when you're speeding that fast near a school. Casper Police have released the results from this week's extra traffic enforcement in school zones. Officer Darren Douglas made 44 traffic stops and issued 55 tickets in the school zones located around Sagewood and Summit Elementary Schools, which is slightly more than the previous week's results.

From the Casper Police Department:

"Please make sure you are watching your speeds around school zones! Quote of the week from a driver receiving a speeding citation for driving 39 mph in a school zone. 'You are the Facebook Cop, and that is why I got a ticket. Any other cop would have given me a warning'. We hate to ruin this driver’s day, but any of our officers would have written a person a citation for driving 19 mph over the speed limit. Especially in a school zone! Enjoy your weekend Casper!"

A high volume of traffic complaints prompted the weekly extra enforcement efforts, which the Casper Police Department posts on their Facebook Page in an effort to make people more aware of their driving habits.

We will also post the enforcement locations each week, along with the results of those efforts.

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