The Platte River Trails Trust is pleased to announce that thanks to a grant from the Wyoming Office of Tourism, along with matching funds raised from events and other fundraising efforts, the Platte River Trail and the Casper Rail Trail have all new trail map and interpretive sign panels, 18 along the River Trail and 5 along the Rail Trail.

Just as the Native Americans and voyageurs used signs to find their way through difficult areas, today’s trail users rely on signs and symbols to find their way and to better understand the area.

The new sign panels feature an updated Casper area trail map with a You Are Here symbol to assist users with orientation, as well as interpretive information about important sites along the trail system.  “We are so pleased to have received this grant from the Wyoming Office of Tourism that allowed the Platte River Trails Trust to put up new trail map sign panels along the trail to guide visitors or people unfamiliar with the trail and to point out historic landmarks along the trail system said Angela Emery, Trails Trust Executive Director.

Interpretive signs can be found at Ft. Caspar, Amoco Park, Crossroads Park and the Tate Pumphouse.  The sign at the Tate Pumphouse in a triptych structure that includes a trail map, an interpretive panel and a bulletin board for information on upcoming trail events.

Research shows that good maps and signage benefit the local economy by improving the experience for travelers who visit the area.  “The new trail signs are up just in time for all of the summer time visitors coming to Casper and Wyoming,” says Emery.

The Platte River Trails Trust is also working on an update to the printed Casper area trail map that should be available in about a month.  The Casper area trail map can also be viewed on the Platte River Trails website,