The North Platte River's above average flow has submerged the area around the Tate Pumphouse and has completely flooded areas of the Platte River Trails.

According to Lt. Stewart Anderson, the Natrona County Emergency Manager, "The North Platte River is currently flowing at around 7000 cubic feet per second (CSF). Flows are anticipated to stay at this level for most of June. This may be subject to change depending on snow melt and run off."

As you can see in the video, there are a few people out enjoying the water as it runs over the pathway and bench areas. The water has not gotten into the pumphouse, nor does it appear to be in danger of interior flooding at this point.

Although the water along the pathway does not appear to be flowing heavily, the current can be much stronger than you think, especially the closer you get to the river. Life jackets are required to be worn by everyone who gets in the river. To anyone enjoying time on the Platte River Trails, caution and good judgement is always encouraged. Have a safe and happy summer.

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