If you don’t believe time travel is possible, I may have found something to convince you otherwise. A TV signal from Casper in 1977 has just resurfaced in Kentucky.

It’s a very brief less than 30 seconds of audio, but someone has just dropped proof that they picked up a TV broadcast from KTWO-TV in Casper from 1977. You can hear brief mentions of “Meet the Press” and other elements that would have been accurate to that period.

As wacky as this sounds, the phenomena of TV and radio signals skipping is well-known. If you look up “skywave” on Wikipedia, it talks about how radio and TV signals can hit the ionosphere and reflect back to Earth.

The fact is that broadcasts from decades ago are heading out to space as we speak. What I said today on the radio could be confusing alien civilizations years from now. Spooky.

My guess is this recording was made decades ago and is just now being shared on YouTube, but you never know. While it seems like Twilight Zone material, it’s possible this signal is just now coming back to...Kentucky.

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