For many years, Pat Greiner dreamed of being on the game show "Jeopardy". That dream finally came true, and Wyoming and the rest of the world will get to see the results coming up April 7th. "It truly was a bucket list item," she says, "and it was as every bit of fun you would hope it would be."

Pat has worked for many years with K2 Radio as one of our copywriters and announcers, and is a very familiar presence on the stage as well at Stage III Community Theatre. After a long and arduous auditioning process (you can read more about that process here.) Pat was chosen and traveled to Los Angeles last December to tape the shows. The outcome? She's sworn to secrecy, so we'll just have to wait. She was, however, able to share some of her backstage stories with K2 Radio.

It was fun from beginning to end: "They work hard to make it really fun for the contestants. They spend an hour briefing you on the legal stuff and the tax stuff and all the steps they take to make sure the game is fair and impartial, and they even make that fun. The woman who does it turns it into like an hour long standup routine."

The buzzer is key:"Most of the contestants know most of the answers, it's all a question of who buzzes in first."

Studying up was a huge challenge: "I have this copy of the 2016 World Almanac that looks like World War Three." she says. "You just stock your mind with as much junk as you can."

Backstage secrets: "If you ever look, all of the contestants appear to be the same height, and it's because there are little personal elevators behind each podium. Because if everyone's the same height, the cameraman doesn't have to shift up and down with the cameras, they can just pan across the row of contestants."

Everyone roots for one another: "All of the contestants are fun and very supportive of each other. So you get to watch when you're not playing, since they shoot five games in a day, so until they draw your name and put you up onstage you're just sitting in the audience cheering everybody else on."

Pat Greiner's appearance on Jeopardy is set to air in Casper Friday, April 7th. Check your local listings for more information.

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