The women of Wal-Mart have nothing on a dancing Casper woman, who shakes her stuff for the camera.  Casper are you ready to see 'Sexy'? 

This video was shot near 21st and McKinley here in Casper over the weekend and we just happened to stumble upon this YouTube posting.  If you need proof that this was shot here in Wyoming, just take a look at the license plate.

This young lady knows she's being recorded by her neighbor - but obviously doesn't care. Although Casper authorities had reason to try to put an end to her show, the loud music and who knows if there were other complaints from drivers passing by.  Unfortunately, we don't know if the woman in the video received a ticket or if she was eventually arrested.

Ladies and Gentleman, crank up the boom-box and check out this Casper hottie as she 'Rock & Rolls' her body for her fans.  The police obviously were not big fans...