I will start by saying that I've never competed in a rodeo nor spent the time or money to do so. However, I've seen plenty of rodeos and greatly enjoy watching them. I greatly respect anyone who straps themselves onto the back of a 1,000+ pound animal and competes.

Ok, with that all being said...

This video, which I found from legendary bull rider and social media comedian Dale Brisby, is hilarious.

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Hilarious Video About Events From Wyoming's Official Sports

Brisby has been making funny videos since 2014 he made his first funny video on YouTube. The last ten years have been busy for him. He rides bulls and finds time to run a ranch, tour, make personal appearances, do the Rodeo Time Podcast, and act on TV.

@dalebrisby90 I hope y’all caught the latest episode of @yellowstone #rodeotime #dalebrisby #cowboy #fyl #yellowstonetv #yellowstone @6666ranch ♬ original sound - dalebrisby

One of the videos he made is poking fun at the official sport of Wyoming, the rodeo. Since Dale has participated in the rodeo lifestyle, he can make videos like this, which may anger some people. The video is his interpretation of what type of fighter each rodeo event would be and if the event could fight. The best part is that he doesn't leave out any rodeo event or person.

  • Bareback Riders
  • Team Ropers
  • Barrel Racers
  • Calf Ropers
  • Bull Riders
  • Breakaway Ropers
  • Bull Fighters
  • Saddle Bronc Riders
  • Judges
  • Steer Wrestlers





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He may be from Texas, but he's a funny dude. If you're a rodeo fan, he has a lot of excellent rodeo content. You can get him on all his social media:


X (Formerly Twitter)



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Central Wyoming Rodeo-Saturday

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Big Piney Rodeo-2024

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