Everyone knows that horses can spook easily.

A lot of their reactions have to do with what they've been raised around, and a little bit of work on a young horse can go a long way.

Getting them used to new sights and sounds is up to the owner, and at times it can go a little sideways.

In this TikTok video, a Cowboy is taking his 2-year-old colt around a calf for the first time.

At first, everything goes smoothly, but then the calf makes eye contact with the horse and it becomes a rodeo.

You may have noticed that the text tells a bit of a different story than what you can actually see happening.

And that definitely adds to the humor of the whole situation.

It's obviously going to take a bit more time and work to get that horse to become comfortable around cows.

If that doesn't end up working out I bet they can hire him out as a bucking horse.

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