Smoky bars, restaurants, bowling allies or other businesses that will soon be allowed to resume smoking could return within Casper's city limits.  Unless those who wish to keep Casper smoke-free, can convince the Casper City Council not to change the ordinance.  The consensus is that with an increased number of smokers on the council itself, the indoor smoking ordinance ban will most likely be undone or severely weakened in Casper. 

The Casper American Cancer Society's - Cancer Action Network is asking all residents of Casper to attend the City Council's meeting Tuesday, April 16th at 6pm, in hopes of protecting the ordinance that protects all residents from toxic secondhand smoke.

Supporters and opponents of the ordinance have each had their chance to voice their opinions to members of the council as to what they'd like to include / exempt. Now the City Council will hear final comments before voting on the fate of the current smoking ban within the Casper City limits.

What: Casper City Council Meeting

When: Tuesday, April 16th at 6:00pm

Where: 200 North David Street, Casper, Large Council Chambers.

ACS Cancer Action Network representatives ask that you attend tomorrows meeting and show your support in favor of keeping the ban in place.  Smokefree Natrona County will be on hand with stickers for all supporters to proudly display.

You are asked to attend and bring like minded friends to help lend support at tomorrows meeting.  Click here for more info.