DeMetri Moon grew up in Casper. As she has pursued her music career, she and her husband moved to Nashville. She was back in town and stopped by our studios for a visit to update us on how she's doing in Tennessee.

DeMetri talked about how she got all misty-eyed when coming back into Casper from the airport.

"DeMetri Moon was raised in Casper, Wyoming by her my hometown. I got teary-eyed coming in from the airport. I video'd driving down the mountain. It was so exciting. From here. Love coming back."

We debuted "Casper Mountain" by DeMetri a few weeks ago which we later found out was her first ever airplay. She said that has kept her busy.

"Still doing some music. Playing with a couple artists and hoping to keep promoting this...have a couple things with Lance Carpenter. Opening for Kentucky Headhunters in August and doing a few off and on gigs throughout the summer."

DeMetri Moon almost opened for Craig Morgan, but that was canceled thanks to Craig's bus.

"We were supposed to open for Craig in Texas. It got rained out...but hopefully maybe one day it'll be DeMetri Moon opening for people like that. That would be awesome."

We asked DeMetri what it's like for a Wyoming girl to be living in Nashville.

"I don't know. It's different. I miss the small community. We actually live about an hour and a half southeast of Nashville, so we get to get out in the country a little bit."

If you want to keep up with how DeMetri is doing as she pursues her musical career, you can follow her on Facebook and her official website.

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