The 2023 Honest Amish Beard And Moustache National Championships were held recently in Daytona Beach, Florida. I told you about Cory "Big Grizz" Stovall defending his 2022 championship beard, but he's not the only champion from Casper.

Before the 2022 national championships came to Casper last November, Austin Olson had never considered facial hair, and now his moustache has made him a National Champion.

The Casper native has been cutting and styling other people's hair, beards and moustaches for a few years, and all that work inspired him to travel to Daytona Beach and compete in this year's Honest Amish Beard and Moustache National Championships.




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Olson competed in the musketeer category, which he describes as being:

the musketeer is a long bow shaped moustache, with a pointed goatee. It's also called a three-point beard.

Austin's first taste of the national championships was last year when the event was held at the Ford Wyoming Center, but not as a competitor...

I was a barber at last years nationals, when I was working at The Shop For Him Barber shop and I had zero facial hair. I mean I had never grown facial hair, I was clean shaven, hanging out with these guys that are some of the best in the nation, and even the world. I had such an amazing weekend with them and before they left, I told them I would see them in a year. From then until this years nationals, exactly twelve months, I grew out my mustache and a little goatee to go with it and saw them in a year... and won first place in my category.

It's a pretty big deal to have the title of national champion, but that's not where the accolades end for Austin. As a barber, he was doing beard work on other contestants and two people he worked on won their categories too, and one of those won best in show out of all 47 categories.

Each first place winner goes out on stage and then they pick one person that is best in the show. So, the beard that I did the most work on actually got best-in-show as well.


Austin is still working as a barber on a appointment only basis now. If you're looking to have a national champion work on your beard, moustache or hair, hit him up on his Instagram Page

Congratulations to Austin and Big Grizz, on their 2023 National Championships and good luck holding onto those crowns in 2024.

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