One of Casper's favorite sons, Levi Troutman has done so much for our little city.

Mohawk - Facebook

He's constantly donating his skills at different fundraisers, he's always willing to take time to talk to people, he's been on The History Channel's "American Daredevil", and he has the coolest Mohawk you'll ever see.

Known as the KaMaKaZiE KiD, Levi is always looking for new ways to put his body through the thresher. While he's known for all of his fire stunts, this Saturday Levi's gonna open things up with his very first car, car jump.

"It's gonna be crazy, man...I'm gonna be in the air for about two or three seconds before I crash. It'll be interesting"

The stunt consists of crashing a 1984 Bronco II into 4 cars stacked on top of each other. Basically, Levi's first car stunt is a 2-story crash. Not bad for a day's work...

KaMaKaZiE KiD - Facebook