If you're one of those people that could sleep through anything, today was your day to shine.

Around 4:30 this morning a train horn was blaring through Casper. I get it, that's nothing new, right? Casper has heard train horns since the early days. Well this particular train horn blew for about 30 minutes straight.

Yep, that's what mysteriously woke you up, before the chickens, this morning.

Usually when you hear a train horn, the train is moving and the horn will sound as the train approaches a crossing, then stops. Not this time.

It's not the first time this has ever happened and 30 minutes is much better than the three hours that a train horn blared in Upper Merion, Pennsylvania a few years ago. Even though it wasn't three hours, it was still annoying.

The sound was so constant and disturbing, I still feel that I can hear it and keep walking outside to see if its really there or not.

If you didn't hear it, the only way I can describe the annoyance is to say it was like being at a car wash and the vacuum system is running constantly. High pitched and constant. If you've ever had a ringing in your ears, imagine that for 30 minutes.

A quick google search revealed that on most occasions when this happens, it's usually a mechanical malfunction. Possibly a solenoid and to stop it, there's a valve that shuts off the air supply to the horn.

From this experience this morning, I really feel for those suffering from Tinnitus.

Wyoming, Seen Through The Eyes Of A Locomotive Engineer

Alan Nash is a cartoonist, member SCBWI-Illustrator, Locomotive Engineer, and a sunrise and sunset chaser. You can find more of his work on his Twitter account @VernChronicles

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