As she would be very quick to tell you, it has been quite some time since I took my special lady out for a night on the town. With this in mind, I decided to open it up to suggestions from all of my online friends. Originally, I was hoping to get a couple of good responses and then be able to pick the very best and steal it for myself. What I was not expecting were the dozens upon dozens of suggestions from countless Facebook friends over the last couple of days.

Given the overwhelming response, I decided to step it up notch and plan "Casper's Ultimate Date Night!" In a nutshell, I picked the 5 best responses from my survey and then incorporate them all into a single night of awesomeness.

First Stop - Garden Creek Falls

Garden Creek Falls

We'll be starting the festivities with an afternoon at a classic favorite, Garden Creek Falls. A short drive and an even short walk through Rotary Park will bring you to the water feature lovingly referred to by the locals simply as, "The Falls."

Second Stop - Firerock Steakhouse

FireRock Steakhouse

After a short hike and photo-op at The Falls, it's off to FireRock Steakhouse for some of the best steak in town. That being said, I have to admit that personally, I'm pretty fond of the Chicken Carbonara.

Studio City Digital Cinemas

You might have to skip dessert in order to make it in time for the early showing of the latest flick at Wyoming's newest, most sophisticated movie theatre, Studio City® Stadium 10. Whether it's a comedy or drama, 3D or 2D, popcorn or Twizzlers, you won't leave disappointed - unless you picked the wrong movie, of course. :P

Sidelines Sports Bar

After you've had your fill of popcorn and Pepsi, it's time to hop on the interstate and head to Sidelines. Sure, it's been a pretty long afternoon, but there's no better place to work off those candy-calories than the dance floor at Sidelines.

Last Stop - "My house"

White House

Of course, I'm not suggesting that you come to MY house, but I couldn't pass up this suggestion from one of my Facebook buddies, and let's face it - it's what most of us were thinking the whole time anyway...

So, there you have it, my take on "Casper's Ultimate Date Night." I dare you to do better.

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