Tired of the same old date nights?  Ya, going to a movie and dinner is still a good option and it is a great stand by.  But if you want to be a bit more creative, what about trying out a few of these ideas out on your next date night outing?

Pizza and a Movie is the most popular date night idea among couples in a relationship.  But what if you tried this - rent a movie or pick one on Netflix or Amazon or other streaming service.  Pick a movie that neither of you have seen before.  Then mute the audio and improvise the dialogue.  This can be extremely funny and romantic, depending on the chemistry between the two of you.

Go for a drive together.  Set a timer (say 15 minutes).  Blindfold the passenger and let them choose directions at random.  See where you end up and take pictures together at that location.

Grab a pair of boots and your camera... and make a photo log of the day in the life of an invisible man.  Then share the photos with the invisible man's adventure story online.

Discuss touristy things and places in the local area, pick one neither of you have done before (but hopefully wanted to?) and go play tourists!  Ask questions and take photos.

Here's one of my favorites!  Doesn't matter if you've been dating or married for years or if it's a first date.  Pretend you've never met and then with a loud voice, try out lame pick up lines in a small bar.  Then act like they worked!  And laugh at everyone's reactions!!

If you try one or more of these, leave a comment below and let us know what you did and how it worked out for you.

More Ideas coming soon!

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