It is almost like the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka, but rather than chocolate it is an eel like fish. Some say the burbot tastes similar to lobster, but it is not the market price that could earn you $1000. It is the 2017 Burbot Raffle.

The burbot is an invasive species that has been infesting the lakes and streams near Green River since the late 90s. If you catch a burbot in Fontenelle Reservoir with a yellow tag, call the number printed on the yellow Floy tag. Then you will be entered into a raffle sponsored by Wyoming Game and Fish and Upper Bear River Trout Unlimited Chapter.

The raffle coincides with the La Barge Ding-the-Ling Derby, but anglers do not need to be part of the derby to win the prize. Deadline to enter the raffle is January 8th, 2016.

The odds are good if you land a tagged fish, because there are only 25 of them. If you don’t catch any tagged fish, just remember that a bad day fishing is better than any day in the office.